Vulcanized sole good or rubber sole?

by:BEF     2020-07-03

rubber soles, vulcanized bottom bottom are the same, basic is rubber vulcanization shoes technology, is the way the vulcanized rubber soles and uppers fuses in together, are less likely to speak

sulfide is vulcanized rubber sole, after vulcanization of rubber products is not easy to aging cracking in this step, good flexibility, heat resistant, now is the rubber, rubber products of basic also called vulcanized rubber, general rubber or rubber.

rubber sole is refers to the raw rubber, wear resistance, good elasticity, some people also called it a goose bottom

overall each have each benefits, look at you like that kind of

shoes like vulcanized soles are hard, flat, shoe type less, most of them are canvas shoes in vulcanized soles. A lot of shoes with rubber soles for the rubber is more, the rubber is cheap, wear-resisting, stronger plasticity. In general each have each benefits

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