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Annual Summary Conference of the Company


We are a big family, a promising team, a fighting team。

1.Sales Department:

You are the outstanding among many employees and the new force for the development and growth of the enterprise. You have actively developed the market, overcome one difficulty after another, and constantly create new sales records with hard work and sweat。 Put the sales volume of soles in the first place, and melt the high quality service into the sales link. They are well-deserved best sellers.

2.Production Workshop

Treat work like a never rusty screw, do one line, love one line, drill one line.Team mountaineering, love life, never give up.They set an example, shining as an ordinary screw of brilliance.

3.R&d Technology Department

Professional R&D team, Long-term focus on all kinds of sole materials and formulation development, To meet customer needs, according to different terrain environment and wear requirements, Developed a series of excellent performance, intellectual property rights formulation, technology, materials and molds, The research and development team has obtained 38 patents, 15 in the review, and won the "double award" and "third prize" of guangdong science and technology award.Keep moving forward without fear,Constantly innovate technology and create industry miracles.They are the emissaries of light, and the whole of China shines with their wisdom.They brought boundless glory to BEF, but also won honor for themselves.

We are a big family,the company up and down with one mind, the heart to a place to think, to a place to make strength

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