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What is the difference between plastic and rubber soles?


Today, quality of life and enjoyment of life have become a theme of current life. How to enjoy a high-quality life is a pursuit of people nowadays. Enjoying life refers to the pursuit of comfort in all aspects. It is a must in life, and walking is inevitable in life. Therefore, choosing comfortable shoes is the first step to enjoy life. Now there are many styles of shoes, how to choose comfortable shoes.


The Differences Between Plastic and Rubber Soles


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of daily life, people have come into contact with more and more shoes of various styles and functions. Among them, the changes brought by the shoe soles material are the basis of the changes in the functions of shoes. Changes in the structure of the shoe sole and upper require various materials or a single or a reasonable combination of each other in order to achieve the best functionality, comfort, hygiene and safety requirements of the footwear.


The development of shoe soles material is inseparable from the development of petrochemical and rubber and plastic industries. From the most common pure rubber soles, PVC soles, SBS soles, etc., to the popular polyurethane microporous soles, EVA secondary foaming midsoles, and PU Sole, TPR sole, etc., people's research and application of materials are the epitome and portrayal of the highly developed global technology.


Generally speaking, the rubber sole is comfortable to walk, and it has a smell after wearing it for a long time. The flexibility of the rubber sole is quite strong. No matter how you knead it, it can return to its original shape, especially the natural rubber is stronger. Then there is the unpleasant smell of burning, the burned rubber is a layer of carbon ash, and the plastic bottom burns without carbon ash.


The rubber sole is a very traditional sole, which is relatively old, but it is excellent in wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Plastic is a new type of material, light and easy to shape.


Rubber is a natural material, so it has a green environmental protection effect, so it is often used on the bottom of safety shoes. Because it is a natural rubber sole, the density is relatively high. If it is made into a safety shoe sole, it will often be heavier. With some special requirements of the original safety shoes, the entire pair of safety shoes can be heavy. However, in many cases, this type of safety shoes is still chosen because it has a wear-resistant and anti-slip effect.


Plastic soles originated in Germany during World War II. Plastic is an environmentally friendly material and is easy to hydrolyze, but its physical properties are very good in a normal dry environment. First of all, it is light, easy to foam and can be sprayed in various colors, wear-resistant and foldable. , It is more suitable for sandal soles, beach soles and leisure soles. As the general PU has poor low temperature resistance and slip resistance, many cotton soles made of PU soles are affixed with TPR tendon or PVC tendon. Obviously, safety soles made of plastic materials are very light, so customers require safety soles made of this material to definitely meet the lighter requirements. But in many cases, because this safety shoe is a special product, steel toe and steel plate are often used on the safety shoes. As a result, the market for lightweight safety shoes is very large.


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