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The midsole is a combination component produced in assembly production due to the need of equipment and the renewal of product materials.  the midsole is the thicker part of the sole, which is called the midsole cloth in shoe industry. It refers to that insole exsist in the middle of outsole and upper The rationality of midsole lies in the appearance quality, clear lines and beautiful shape of the shoes, while the inner quality is not easy to deform and wear comfortably.especially ,In the production of soles in line with shoe last.insole Midsole is not only widely used in all kinds of spring and autumn single shoes with high heels, but also widely used in sandals.Our company produces various functional midsole with various styles, such as armed police combat boots, spring shoes, sandals, single shoes...

Annual production capacity:new medium insole 3 million pairs

Product features:

1.Using injection molding machine to shorten the process and reduce labor.

2.specifications of the products and surface are unified.

3.using New Type Insole of surface are more pleasing to the eye

4.using New Type Insole of high heels and thin heels walk more steadily

component: paperboard+steel supports +latex/Anti piercing cloth

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