Rubber Shoe Sole

BEF is a professional shoe soles manufactory over 20years,The sole that produces is varied.One of the rubber foam and combination outsole,which has both anti-sliding and wear resistance of rubber and has light effect of PU and EVA;while leather sole have many advantages which are one pair per size,reduce combination process,shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost. in addition,Compared with Craster sole,Pattern lines are  more clear,  and less laser technology, which are more anti-sliding ,and wear-resisting;at the same time ,company hold EVA+RB Integrated sole,Rubber is used on the bottom layer to ensure the sole is wear-resistant and anti-skid.The upper layer use ultra-light and ultra-elastic EVA to guarantee the comfort of the product;RB+PUIntegrated sole reduce Laminating process, pouring PU material into interior to reduce the weight of the product and ensure the comfort;except that rubber sole,we also produce Good resilience, wear resistance, skid resistance, kinds of appearance pattern,Good touch, bright color, high fineness,and  reusable, 100% recyclable ‘s TPR sole and IP sole.

Sole style:outdoor sports shoe sole;safety shoe sole;fashion shoe sole;casual shoe sole;formal shoe sole.

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