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How to Distinguish Rubber Sole


We can see that there are many types of shoes made of rubber sole in the daily life, such as, sneakers, slippers, dress shoes, sports shoes, loafers, high heels shoes, etc. Today, BEF shoe sole replacement supplies company will share some knowledge about how to distinguish rubber sole.



Rubber Sole Meaning


The rubber sole is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Because rubber is a polymer compound. Therefore, rubber sole shoes have high elasticity, high wear resistance, and can withstand multiple bending, stretching, and compression without being damaged. It also has acid and alkali resistance, so it is suitable for rainy days. Almost all sports shoes on the market are made of rubber outsole. Like basketball, football, tennis shoes, etc. Because they belong to more intense sports, they all require a high abrasion resistance outsole. In fact, rubber is the general term for all sports soles made of rubber. According to specific materials and ingredients, the rubber sole can also be divided into natural rubber, wear-resistant rubber, environmentally friendly rubber, air rubber, and carbon rubber and many more.


Ways to Distinguish Rubber Sole


So, how to distinguish rubber sole? Rubber is soft and very elastic, and it is easy to distinguish. There have three ways that you can distinguish it. First, it is strong when squeezed by hand; Second, it smells like an eraser with your nose; Third, it is strong to the ground, and it will bounce. 


Some Tips for Using Rubber Outsole Shoes


As the most common material for sports soles, rubber outsoles are the most common material for sports shoe soles. The things that need to be paid attention to in daily wear and maintenance are as follows. Athletes or sports hobbyists should often wear the rubber outsole sports shoes they buy. This is to extend the life of the shoes. Remember to wash as little as possible, it is really necessary to use shoe supports after washing will help the shoes to restore their original shape. Or fill the hard paper in the shoes, and report the effect of killing two birds with one stone. Not only can it help restore the shape of the shoes, but also can quickly absorb the excess water in the shoes.


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