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Non-Slip Safety Shoes


In the trace of time,the winter cold in the north is unforgettable.。When winter comes, snow is everywhere. It's very romantic and beautiful. But there's only one thing. The road is very slippery. If you don't pay attention, you'll have to fall a lot.

So, how to prevent slipping?

Non-Slip Safety Shoes

Explanation of nouns

Non-slip safety shoes are shoes made of non-slip materials developed by special rubber through anti-slip technology.
On the surface of ice, marble, glass and steel plate, there are a large number of oil, soap, detergent and water-oil mixed extreme slippery liquids, which can walk or run normally without slipping, but on the ordinary road surface, it can be the same as ordinary shoes, without affecting walking.


Name:Non-Slip Safety Shoes

Material :rubber+Special materials developed by non-slip technology

Aim:Protect yourself from slipping on the ground


The Importance of Anti-slip:The non-slip of sole directly affects the comfort and safety of shoes.

In winter, because of the cold weather and the fear of falling, people are reluctant to go out for exercise. In fact, the more cold, the more should go out more sports, because sports is the best way to drive away the cold, but also can enhance the ability to resist disease, reduce the occurrence of disease。Shoes with poor skid resistance are prone to skidding and wrestling when walking, especially on wet, smooth and slippery roads.

With the development of the global construction industry, especially the construction of public places, the construction ground is becoming more and more high-grade, gorgeous and beautiful, magnificent and magnificent, but most of them neglect the problem of anti-skid on the ground, resulting in frequent accidents of slip and fall.

Scenarios applicable to anti-slip

Kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, homes for the aged, stations, subway train platforms, wharfs, hotels, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms, playgrounds, fitness and recreation rooms, elevator entrances, pedestrian slopes and other places.

Anti-slippery for crowd

Everyone especially in Old people, children, pregnant women, staff in special places, etc.

Anti slip products



Formal shoe

Man's shoe

Outdoor‘s shoe

Sport's shoe

Ashional 's shoe

Old man or woman’s shoe

Anti slip standard


BEF is a shoe material science and technology enterprise. At present, BEF has applied its own research and development of anti-slip technology to soles, and introduced high-performance anti-slip materials like many brand shoes.

It is hoped that through our skid stop technology, all the people, especially the vulnerable groups (the elderly, pregnant women, children), can wear the shoes of ambler skid stop technology, so that all the people can stay away from the damage caused by the wet road.

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