Rubber material

Rubber materials, can be made into a variety of products, such as non-slip materials and a variety of rubber products 。
BEF has a professional r & d team to stop sliding . and  focus on the new materials and the particular Formulations developing. According to the marble, floor,slippery,oil-water, outdoor, ice, snow on different terrain environment and dress requirements,Now we have  a lot Intellectual Property Formulations. Many Excellent performance formulations were found base on the customers requirement.


1.S-Slip formulation has excellent performance for slip resistance on  marble, floor ,2.slippery,oil-water, outdoor, snow and icing land.

3.S-Slip formulation focus on the Icing environment.

4.S-Slip formulation can be used to  both inside and outdoor.

Rubber products

The company is a platform for continuous innovation and progress,Existing production: rubber mobile phone holder, process plate, cup pad, mouse pad and other rubber products。Our R&D staff constantly produce new creative crafts, but also welcome any creative idea about rubber products.

Rubber products after vulcanization process, not easy to aging and cracking, and have many advantages of good elasticity, heat resistance.

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