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The company has an independent mold production workshop,More than 50 engineers and technicians,and More than 40 machines and equipment and has 10 imported CNC, monthly production processing mold 200 pairs。Mold types are: sheet bottom, molding straight, two open, three open, four open molding bottom.we have 3D printing:  the sole can be printed,and shoes can be made and tried on directly.
The main component of shoe mould is steel 

Steps of shoe mould

1.   Make a sample layout according to the customer sample or draft design drawings.

2.   Build a 3D model, write a CAM program, sculpt and process a wood model, confirm  with the customer.

3.   CNC engraving, after the model change, confirming with the customer and ensure there are no errors, that the mold is completed.

4.   Samples with the clients, make quotation, sign the contract and arrange the production.

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