TPR soles and EVA shoes?

by:BEF     2020-07-04

1,伊娃( Vinyl acetate ethylene, E VA) : including vinyl acetate, the more elastic, the better.

2, rubber, divided into two kinds of natural, synthetic, wear-resisting, good elasticity, the heavier and high cost.

3, TPR ( T hot, P plastic, R rubber) : with rubber performance, more wear-resisting, cost is low, but contact the oil solvent will slip.

4, PU: excellent abrasion resistance and repeated bending performance, good resistance to tear strength and elasticity, hunting can withstand oil, acid, alkali and low temperature resistant performance is good, abandoned PU bottom can be automatically degradation, environmentally friendly, to a request for impact resistance, durable shoes more appropriate; But there does yellowing, hydrolysis, cracking, easy to glue, sports shoes, football shoes are commonly used materials.

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