TPR sole differ with EVA sole? What kind of more slippery TPR soles and EVA shoes

by:BEF     2020-06-28

many junior partner for the material of TPR soles and EVA shoes need not, don't know how to choose, EVA soles and TPR material without actually, often used for shoes is different also, detailed explain for everybody today TPR soles and EVA shoes that good, what kind of more non-slip soles.

TPR sole material different with EVA sole

TPR sole is a new kind of thermoplastic rubber environmental protection material, easy to shape. Than major TPR soles, shoes materials, flexibility is poor, so the price is cheap. EVA soles is vinyl acetate copolymer, polymer materials. EVA sole easy shaping, the price is cheap.

TPR soles for shoes with EVA sole different

TPR is often used in shoes and children's sports shoes, fashion shoes. EVA soles are often used to jog, walk, casual shoes, training shoes in the bottom.

TPR soles and EVA shoes which more antiskid

TPR non-slip, because the elasticity of the TPR is superior to EVA soles, high elastic means with other objects might have a greater friction, so more slippery. EVA soles, poor wet

two sole which good?

1。 Than the resistance to wear, TPR sole than EVA shoes more wear-resisting.

2。 Coming up from the cost comparison, two sole prices are low, basically see need molding shoes USES.

overall, TPR sole each have each advantages and EVA sole, TPR materials with tunable properties, can make the effect is very good shoes, EVA sole is soft, slippers, shoes, etc. , in the aspect of skid resistance than TPR sole, purchaser may choose according to their own needs.

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