Topic: 4. 500 million pairs of shoes are all made of old plastic, adidas how to do

by:BEF     2020-07-16
Adidas plans before 2024 will be used in the process of making shoes clothes replaced all plastic recycled polyester, this is the brand such as starbucks and dunkin donuts again after a big companies take plastic as environmental goals. “ Our goal is to completely get rid of the original polyester in 2024. ” Adidas global brand director Eric Lidtke recently in an interview with the financial times. Adidas annual sales of 9. 2 million kinds of materials used in the item is about 50% polyester, is a kind of plastic. Polyester is plastic, just a recycling old plastic, plastic garbage. More expensive than native polyester and polyester - 10 About 20%. Adidas in the past has been more than two years and a group called Parley for -oceans Marine ecological environmental group cooperation, every year some made of Marine plastic shoes & ndash; — This series of shoes vamp Primeknit use these plastic made from polyester yarn. Last year, the brand sold 1 million double Ultraboost Uncaged Parley, priced at 179. 95 euros, more expensive than regular running shoes. This year's goal is to sell 5 million pairs, selling 11 million pairs in 2019. But even to sell 11 million pairs, this number is only in the adidas sales a year 4. Accounted for 3%, in 500 million pairs of sports shoes to completely replace the use of renewable polyester before 2024, is a big project. Adidas green marketing will have a big leap, the background is more and more how much a company to sign the convention or written oral promises to resist plastic. Resist the tide of plastic are rolling in. Followed with ikea, promised to eliminate stores in 2020 in the restaurant all disposable plastic tableware; Then next year was announced last week that eliminated completely plastic straws of starbucks. For most follow the trend of large companies, rather than abandon plastic, the choice of recycled plastic is relatively affordable and can show the attitude. The world economy BBS according to a report released in 2016, a year at least 8 million tons of plastic into the sea, and warned that 2050 plastic in the sea may be more than the fish. As consumers from 'blue planet' such a documentary or & other; Marine garbage throughout the &; This news to know that she is spending the what kind of product, the brand began to logical to resist plastic into a larger movement, and propaganda. Big companies to join the advantage of may push down the cost of recycled plastics industry. Eric Lidtke said the price difference is group will take six years to the cause of the recycled polyester, & other; We can't absorb all the costs in a year. ” But has its drawbacks as well as recycled polyester, any micro fiber polyester fabric will fall off, this is a large part of the cause of the Marine plastic pollution. To accelerate the transition to a circular economy Allen & middot; The MacArthur foundation of Sander Defruyt said, the use of recycled plastic or replace it is right, but & other; Not a package solution & throughout; 。 To some extent, this for today's investment environment to impress the consumers favor the brand is also a kind of bets, once the scientific studies have found new evidence of the thought of sustainable product questions, how to respond to become an awkward question & ndash; — Outdoor brand Patagonia had used recycled plastic bottles in the clothes, but was pointed out that these clothes in the washing process will fall off tiny fibers, pollution of Marine fish swallowed, enter the food chain. The company now says that they are still in the research technique to reduce the fiber loss. In addition, in May this year, Nike, H& M, Burberry and Gap, such as brand announced, add Ellen MacArthur Foundation Foundation Make Fashion Circular plan, by recycling raw materials and products to reduce the waste of the global Fashion industry. Fast fashion giant H& M and Zara store recycling projects, in our stores to place clothing recycling bins, encouraging consumers to reduce the discarded old clothes. Brand in the world are moving in the same direction, can be seen, shoes clothing industry the trend of recycled raw materials is continuously strengthen, the environmental protection recycling ETPU features and powerful property under this trend will surely usher in a new round of outbreak! Company full of confidence about the future of the ETPU! ( Source: curiosity daily)
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