Too soft and puncture-proof cloth in the bottom will bring foot hurt?

by:BEF     2020-07-15
With the development of intelligent, to drive the technological innovation from all walks of life, including the anti puncture in the industry, not only on the quality and production efficiency, use function have higher pursuit, toward the direction of the diversified development, if can not influence the production under the premise of quality, can promote the piercing cloth in the bottom parts versatility, this is not a pleasure? So why not? In terms of puncture proof cloth in the bottom of the foot support plays a very important position. Because the body's foot caused by fixed skeleton, makes the floor can cause is divided into positions in the front of the foot, in the central place of the soles of your feet, a back-end heel, and between the soles and tilted in concave shape of arch, makes the whole foot bottom isn't a plane form and then the foot when walking or activities, heel, arch, the soles of your feet and toes corresponding position will change, and stress the situation will be changed. As a result, the bottom is too soft and puncture-proof cloth can't provide enough support, it will stress points on a certain location, between long-term down to the foot of the fixed points bring ache or feel uncomfortable. Actually puncture proof fabric softness on foot at the bottom of the role, as the mattress USES is the same, too hard mattress can make the waist uncomfortable, too soft mattress can make lumbar squeeze again, it is good to have a degree in all things.
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