To the use of labor protection supplies safety guaranteed

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Dust flying workplaces don't wear dust mask, mask, rigger don't wear this type of work with thickening gloves; Derusting grinding pick glasses when working with; Wear your seat belt slipping, and so on, non-standard use security products are everywhere, security officer found after correcting in time, but before long non-standard phenomena will happen again. This kind of phenomenon in the prohibition why? Mainly everyone think this without injury & other; The refined & throughout; , what does not cause safety accidents, and lightly. Is really & other; Innocuous & throughout; ? Nature of work, each type of work are not the same as the function of the safety protective equipment. Take gloves, for instance, there are several kinds. Rigger dealing with lifting rope, all day long in order to prevent wire rope injured hand, they are dispensed with thick canvas gloves, the fingers, palm with thick leather and protected. Crane operators of thin cotton gloves, breathe freely, absorb sweat, ensure flexible fingers when operating machinery, also won't because of hand sweat & other; Skid & throughout; 。 Welders with long suede leather gloves to prevent welding welding slag scald arm. Master electrician is using rubber or rubber coated gloves, insulation performance is good, prevent hand sweat touching a charged electric cause accident getting an electric shock. However, these have & other; Special function & throughout; Gloves are often homework personnel & other; Mistakes & throughout; 。 Have a plenty of figure lazy save trouble, willy-nilly while working, pick a pair of gloves & other; To the battle & throughout; ! Still have a plenty of to & other; Comfortable & throughout; Knowingly & other; Mix & throughout; Disrelish oneself, rigger gloves is too thick, heavy, uncomfortable, will wear the gauze gloves, operators a bit not careful is lifting rope fine steel wire prick on hand. Summer is welders master not according to specifications gloves & other; The peak & throughout; , they say special glove is airtight, hand out after & other; Prickly heat & throughout; ! While winter operators as the rigger gloves & other Treasure & throughout; The cold, hands warm, but pull joystick & other; Slow & throughout; And wrong operation, lead to safety accident! Disorderly wear and safety glasses, protective labor insurance shoes wear phenomenon also nots allow to ignore. Operator if fire welder dark glasses, can affect vision, easy to cause visual Angle deviation and cause misjudgment. Welder if wearing operator protective glasses, and fire will not protect the glasses, burns my eyes. Also, protection, labor insurance shoes also can't wear. Electrician rubber insulated shoes, safety shoes insulation insulation to prevent leakage, fitter in baotou steel on safety shoes, prevent break a toe. However, these two kinds of special efficacy of shoes, wear is about each other & other; Curse & throughout; 。 In addition, the safety belt is known as & other; Help with & throughout; Accidental moment, loose, the safety function will be greatly discounted. Use protective equipment can't follow one's inclinations, mistakes, should & other; Follow the rules of discipline throughout the &; ,“ Behave & throughout; And let it play their & other; Protection, protection & throughout; Role.
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