To teach you non-slip soles?

by:BEF     2020-07-04

in real life, we buy a pair of shoes to wear longer sole may be worn, the sole will become very slippery. Sometimes we buy shoes don't slip. But we always can't avoid travel in rainy day. This time, we will naturally ask: sole slip? If you don't deal with this problem, so travel is easy to wrestling in rainy day. With sandpaper friction sole sole slippery simple processing method. The main principle of this method is the sole the friction is not smooth, so increasing the sole the friction with the ground, so it can prevent slippery. This method is simple and quick, can solve the problem of the sole slippery. Sole slippery simple processing method to sole raw potato of friction. This method is the main principle of the raw potato is rich in starch, and use raw potato friction soles, the starch on the sole, prevent slippery effect in order to achieve. This method will consume potatoes, and prevent slippery effect.

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