To choose the safety shoes also need to consider the work environment

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Are you still in to choose which kind of function and worrying about safety shoes? Such as the design of this pair of shoes do you want, but whether the function of this pair of shoes is suitable for their work scene in, if you also have the choice of such confusion, then the article introduces ~ we in the choice suits own a pair of safety shoes, consider whether the design is not only fashionable western style, also need to consider what is the working environment. Different working environment, foot facing the damage will be different, if some are hard, rolling or down objects of; By the sharp object puncturing soles or shoe body; Cuts from sharp objects, or torn, sites to make the epidermis, fall; Exposure to chemicals, object of molten metal, high temperature and low temperature performance; In the environment of the need to be protected against static electricity and electrostatic discharge improper and so on. So in the face of these different complex environment, we must according to the function to locate the safety shoes, choose a pair of safety shoes that suit yourself in this environment. According to the different choices of different environment for safety shoes, pay attention to the construction site environment is wet, if uneven, if there is a show of nails on the ground, wood or other sharp object; Contact material, is corrosive chemicals, hot liquid, or a heavy and difficult to gain control of goods or roller, etc. ; In the use of or access to equipment, is an electrical device, forklift or sharp tools; Production processes on the dump chemicals, processing is high temperature liquid, welding work or human handling, etc. , all need to consider. When carefully analyzed the entire operation process can be directly or indirectly, which endanger the safety of the employees of foot after items, we can choose accordingly on safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, high temperature resistant safety shoes, puncture proof safety shoes, antiskid safety shoes or antistatic safety shoes, etc. , or a combination of these functions. If you know you need some functions of safety shoes, and the manufacturer produces the design of safety shoes and can't meet your aesthetic requirements, now you don't have to worry for it, hebi co. , LTD. , for the vast number of consumers demand specially introduced a customizable multi-function safety shoes, let you not only for some finished product safety shoes do not have a certain function, more can let you choose the right safety shoes styles, even the safety shoes to wear shoes, so we should choose to suit oneself, wearing comfortable rest assured, fashionable atmosphere joker!
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