Three tips to teach you the right to choose the appropriate labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-24
According to the Bureau of Labor statistics show: 66% leg injured workers did not wear Labor insurance shoes, protective shoes, 33% are in general recreational shoe, injured workers, the shoe department 85% hit because items are not protected. To protect the leg feet from under item drops, rolling, spikes, molten metal wet, hot surface, surface damage, workers must use appropriate foot protection supplies, labor insurance shoes or boots. Prevent hit labor insurance shoes to protect the steel toe head must have enough function to prevent heavy and sharp material, accord with national standard. In protecting An1 toes labor insurance shoes, An2 type, An3, An4 and An5 five protective performance levels, An1 the highest level, An5 lowest level. High level of protection of digit labor insurance shoes the front-end pressure resistant and impact resistant technical index is high, it is good to the protection of digit, so the more digits are easy to be hurt or crushed, injury degree, the more the more serious job choose high level of protection of digit labor insurance shoes. For some digits are likely to be hurt or crushed, degree of injury is unlikely to be a serious work, can choose the protect toes with low level of labor insurance shoes, because of the high level of labor insurance shoes in general the price is high, wearing heavy and comfort is poor. Therefore, we should according to the characteristics of the job to choose appropriate protection toes labor insurance shoes products. Labor insurance shoes, style and material usually price, labor insurance shoes new, lightweight, cortex with polyurethane outsole material, wear-resisting, price is more expensive; Adhesive labor insurance shoes is a kind of traditional process, the production history long price according to the different style, material, and so on and so forth; Sewing tire bottom price cheaper labor insurance shoes, not the price of the flat bottom is depending on the different style, material, and so on and so forth; Sewing labor insurance shoes permeability is good, wear comfortable. Labor insurance shoes three certificates/target consumer is when the choose and buy, should first confirm whether the product manufacturers have issued by the national industrial products production license, Imported goods don't need) And safety mark certification. Based on this to see if the product has a name and address of manufacturer, production license number, security logo certification number, production date, product standard, whether the attached product certificate and operation instruction, and pay special attention to see if there are any more product name (shoes Or & other Protect the toes & throughout; The words) , shoe and protective performance levels. In addition, the distributor shall be required to produce the products inspection report, and view the validity. The appearance quality of the labor insurance shoes can check whether labor insurance upper surface have a disability, colour and lustre is differ, jump, and lines heavy needle, needle break, code uneven; Does help end if there is a glue, take off the line; ever sulfur and low sulfur, sulfur spray; Whether in baotou, skew, etc. Usually labor insurance shoes soles made of PU material or rubber materials, the material over time, the use of the environment and the wearer's wearing habits change on physical and chemical properties, make labor insurance shoes wear resistance, adhesive fastness, hardness, comfort, and other functions gradually weakened. Therefore, users should always pay attention to the use time of labor insurance shoes, uppers, soles, wear condition, under normal circumstances, the labor insurance shoes it is advisable to use time to no more than 6 months.
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