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by:BEF     2020-07-08

jacquard belt

is general by polyester yarn, nylon yarn, pp, pp material, polypropylene yarn, acrylic yarn, etc.

first through a computer drawing, in put the figure in the computer jacquard machine program, debugging textile. Jacquard belt is divided into the warp and weft, approved by is the computer jacquard loom woven textile vertical direction; Weft is yarn by jacquard ribbon woven in horizontal direction.

jacquard ribbon is fashionable and trendy ribbon craft, stereoscopic elegant appearance, weave flowers, birds, fish, insects, animals and birds, such as beautiful patterns. Brand jacquard, the logo is clearly visible, bright color, rich, one can increase product added value, and can enhance the brand image. Jacquard pattern with fine, soft handfeel, strong sex good, excellent durability, high color fastness, never deformation. By jacquard ribbon design is relatively simple, relatively single, large range and weft jacquard belt design and elegant, colour is distinct stereo sense is strong.

jacquard tape also can be divided into single-sided jacquard and jacquard, single-sided jacquard only positive have jacquard pattern, and the opposite is not. Both have jacquard is double jacquard pattern, this pattern is beautiful and fashionable, highlight the designer's design concept.


used in clothing, shoes and hats, high-end luggage straps, belts, hanging belt, gift decoration and other industries.

the bottom

in the bottom is the need of assembly 'manufacturing for equipment and the updating of product material combination of components, the rationality of the bottom is the appearance of the shoes quality line clear modelling beautiful, and immanent quality is not easy to deformation and wear comfortable, particularly in the bottom of the system is compact in production here. Composed of bottom of the insole, half insole, hook heart triad and a hook heart and half insole with rivet reinforcement by molding press shapes, after trimming cutting to ChengFu here at the back of the hard parts. Its length and width by half insole, hook behind heart position from the mouth to 10 mm, the front of the 55% of the feet long, the bottom material can choose or polyethylene renewable leather, etc.


foam into pu foam, anti-static foam, conductive foam, epe, anti-static epe, poron, cr, Eva, PE, SBR, epdm, etc. , are easy to use, bend and ultra-thin size, reliable performance and a series of characteristics.

foam into pu foam, anti-static foam, conductive foam, epe, epp, fire-retardant foam, anti-static ep


1, the low pressure very good shielding effect, shielding effectiveness of more than 90 db.

2, elastic and light weight.

3, anti-corrosion nickel coating to prevent electrochemical corrosion.

4, low surface contact resistance.

5, pressure-sensitive fixed quickly.

6, customers can specify the length.

7, many cross section selection.

8, ul fire.

9, can be got gages ( Valet double-sided adhesive) Product quality is stable, hot pressing, fall off not easily, high tensile strength, product after installed, in low temperature 20 ℃ to 80 ℃ high temperature cycle test 72 hours remain the quality. Is easy to use, bend and ultra-thin size, reliable performance and a series of characteristics.

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