Thinking and application of nanotechnology in the shoe industry

by:BEF     2020-07-19
In many industries, we can hear about the application of nanometer, and he knows very little about his role is, after all, a day of heavy workload has been filled with our life, sometimes not so comprehensive understanding. Actually, nanotechnology has applied in many industries, not only in the application of the shoes also is very extensive, especially on the use of lightweight nano toe cap. Infrared absorption to receive materials in daily life and has important application prospect. Nanoparticles small easy to fill in the fiber, when textile drawing won't plug nozzle, some like a nanometer zirconium oxide to grain, can effectively absorb energy and biological wave the same far infrared ray radiation to human body, and with such a far infrared effects on the human body, which can produce resonance phenomenon of activation of human cells, has antibacterial, moisturizing and promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, etc. The role of health care. Play a warm as filling material of shoes materials, and health care effect. China is a populous country, China's population will be over 1. 3 billion by 2010, only for rubber consumption reached 700 million - a year 800 million pairs of shoe industry in China has a huge market potential, super light shoes head of nanotechnology applications in the future is promising.
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