The workers are need such a pair of safety shoes, do you know how to choose?

by:BEF     2020-11-24
According to relevant data statistics, the foot injury is the second largest factors of workplace fatalities, accounts for about 13%. Every year by drop or the whereabouts of the items and damaged items, slip, heat, corrosion of splash, sharp objects stabbed, shot and get an electric shock, electrostatic rising industrial accidents, foot injury has become the second killer of occupational health. Wearing safety shoes in a work, therefore, appear particularly important. And give the workers to choose a suitable pair of safety shoes, not only to protect their safety, also greatly reduced the frequency of inductrial injury accident, its related medical expenses and time saving cost is considerable. Safety shoes are generally referred to as the safety shoes and protective shoes, generally refers to work in different occasions with the have to protect your feet and legs from the foreseeable damage of footwear. Safety shoes to choose according to the working environment, different positions to the functional requirement of the safety shoes is not the same. So how can we help people to choose a pair of appropriate safety shoes? The choose and buy of safety shoes priority functional safety shoes generally divided into electric insulation, antistatic, acid and alkali resistant, puncture proof, protect the toes, general protective shoes six categories, has good resistance to oil, prevent hit, anti-static, puncture proof, acid and alkali and insulation performance, is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, oil field, electric power industries. Pipeline construction personnel are generally in acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-slip, waterproof safety shoes; Complicated work environment of construction personnel, according to different jobs require different functions of shoes, the required functionality for smashing, puncture proof, prevent slippery. Power sector or power operation requires the electric insulation function. The choice of safety shoes in addition to first consider the functional requirements, should also consider its comfort, a pair of although safety protection is wonderful, but heavy safety shoes, the workers are not willing to wear. So the choose and buy of safety shoes comfort is an important indicator. Comfort level 1 should also be considered the choose and buy of safety shoes, shoe type: the shoes length and width, the wide tightness of the shoe body foot just degree; 2, the instep: leather softness can be natural, while walking stick take; 3, shoes bond: whole shoe nations can put foot without leg, loose and not to take off, elastic; 4, inner pad: whether it is right the vibration transfer function, absorb sweat, massage, the health care function structure; 5, inside: whether it is right to choose breathable, waterproof, heat preservation, environmental protection material; 6, soles: selection for regional, and various kinds of environments using different level configuration substrate and anti-slip requirements, such as good environment USES the relative slip, lightweight substrate, the vibration transfer function. Outdoor site environment by strengthening anti-skid, wear-resistant material end, use under a harsh environment. The choose and buy of safety shoes should be through a standard brand safety shoes belong to high-tech content and high added value of footwear products, safety shoes production process for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment requirements are high. Safety certification of safety shoes have different standards, among them, the Chinese safety shoes basic reference standard for Europe standard. Therefore customers safety shoes when the choose and buy should see whether through standard of safety shoes. Through the above three points, I believe you can give the choose and buy yourself a pair of appropriate safety shoes, good safety shoes to you is far from secure, more comfortable and at ease, because it is not only responsible for their own, but is responsible for his family.
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