The use of the correct understanding of labor insurance shoes deadline

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Safety shoes are generally referred to as the safety shoes and protective shoes, also known as labor insurance shoes, generally refers to work in different occasions with the have to protect your feet and legs from the foreseeable damage of footwear. Labor insurance shoes are able to play a protective role, mainly labor insurance shoes manufacturers in the design and production of the special structure and unique production process, so as to make the labor insurance shoes is different from the ordinary shoes, play a protective effect on employees. But, also cannot think wear labor insurance shoes is foolproof, if wearing quality less labor insurance shoes, or labor insurance shoes protective structure is destroyed, or labor insurance shoes use for too long, far beyond its service life, in this case, the protection of labor insurance shoes may be don't. Enterprises should be combined with the employee's working environment, timely purchasing and replace the expired labor insurance shoes, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. So, labor insurance shoes use period is how long? Can be analyzed from several aspects: 1) As long as it is normal labor insurance shoes manufacturers meet the national standards of production of labor insurance shoes, countries enforce 3 packets of policy, broken replacement baotuibaohuan, section after three months, does serious glue repair kit. 2) Labor insurance shoes fabrics and bottoms of different determines its quality and service life. Are not ordinary leather fabric leather long service life. use of polyurethane material or general rubber soles, these material over time, using the environment, and the wearer's wearing habits will change in the physical and chemical properties, make labor insurance shoes wear, adhesive fastness, hardness gradually weakened, comfort, and other functions. If a continuous long time wearing, basic in the first half of the year or so will need to be replaced. 3) The worker's working environment, and the using state of the labor insurance shoes also affects the service life of labor insurance shoes. Using low strength and a good working environment, good quality labor insurance shoes to wear for half a year to a year. If the bad environment, such as chemical plants, coal industry, iron and steel smelting, electroplating workshop, etc. , more is about half a year, may need to replace new labor insurance shoes. 4) In the electrical and acid and alkali, damage and crack in labor insurance shoes have potential dangers. Enterprise good regular inspection and replacement of labor insurance shoes according to actual situation. Resistance to acid and alkali resistant labor insurance shoes may be three months is about to change, insulated shoes, anti-static shoes best test once a month. 5) Proper maintenance can extend the term of labor insurance shoes correctly. In a word, for the conclusion of labor insurance shoes use period, there is no clear stipulation, the specific circumstances of different treatment, only stressed: wearing comfortable, use safe.
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