The use of the appliances for labor protection period and invalid principle

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Labor insurance supplies is to make the employees in the process of work activity from or reduce disturbance and work elements of damages and the supply of clothing, so the needle of its protective equipment in terms of cost, not the same work environment is not the same with the definition of the term, together with the labor protection articles also use frequency, labor insurance supplies various elements such as nature itself. Labor insurance supplies invalid criteria for what? We should be based on the law effect due to the damage, the protective function failure or exceed useful test period, should be timely tidy up to work site, shall supervise and destroyed. To destroy the variety, quantity, origin, cause conditions such as specific records, agent and supervisor signature file. Corrosion degree according to the different work to wear labor insurance supplies can distinguish between light work as heavy corrosion, medium corrosion and corrosion. Corrosion extent reflect the work environment and work condition. Loss status according to the degree of protection function decline can be divided into vulnerable to loss, secondary loss and mandatory. The loss conditions reflect the status of protective equipment protective function. Approved by using function on the basis of using the cycle can be divided into the use, medium with and without using. Labor insurance supplies by using function reflect the status of labor protection with quality raw materials, such as made of high temperature resistant flame retardant fabric flame retardant protective clothing, than made of flame retardant treatment of flame retardant fabric flame retardant protective clothing after use. By using functional response quality of generalization of protective equipment.
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