The use of special safety shoes in the bottom of the glass became Tony seconds!

by:BEF     2020-07-14
Some time ago, a young man with glass edge 'grandmother' ring for his girlfriend do jokes, hot! Don't see how the ring first, than a two carat diamond carat, this beer bottle gems can creative + technology full marks! After all made by our own hands, sincerity, and sure enough, is a technology to change the world. You said work in glass factory for a long time, this technique can not good? Thus, there is a door technology not only better looking for a job, also better coax a girlfriend! In glass actually, we can see, there must be a lot of cutting machine working together at the same time, the process can produce a lot of broken glass, feet stay for a long time in such work environment, but also has certain security hidden danger, finally cutting off the glass can be processed into fine arts and crafts, or some earrings, crystal replicas, etc. , generally scattered on the floor will be very tiny, unfortunately was plunged into the soles of the feet, can not be found, until after a period of time, found that feet tingling, and feel hard, can guess themselves may be tied into the glass, and often found at this time is late, you need to have surgery to remove. If you can in daily work, with a pair of safety shoes for yourself is special in the bottom, the safe hidden trouble not only solved, also in to the blizzard, more also don't have to worry about their own feet when will be pricked by glass, after all, the special safety shoes in the bottom of puncture force is very strong ah, really did not even in fear of the nails!
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