The use of sole mould what is performance?

by:BEF     2020-11-21

sole mould involves a pressing mold for the rubber and reclaimed rubber sole. Mainly to solve the existing the problem of sole mould can't suppress scrap tire vulcanization shoes, it includes the upper and lower plate, on the upper plate with the bottom of the soles and heel groove, sole shape grooves on the lower.

to share below sole mould operational performance is as follows: 1. Density is small, plastic small density, mechanical equipment to reduce weight and energy saving is of great importance, for vehicles, ships, aircraft, spacecraft universe. 2. High specific strength and specific stiffness: absolute strength of plastic than metal is high, but plastic density is small, so than intensity ( σb/ρ) And than stiffness ( E/ρ) Quite high. 3. Chemical stability is good: the vast majority of plastic has good acid, alkali, salt, water and gas properties, they do not react with the material. 4. Electric insulation, thermal insulation, acoustic performance is good. 5. Good abrasion resistance and self-lubrication: plastic in small friction coefficient, good wear resistance and good self-lubrication, coupled with higher than strength, transmission noise is small, it can be in liquid medium, half dry even under the condition of dry friction work effectively. It can be made into bearings, gears, CAM and roller, such as machine parts, is very applicable to the rotating speed is not high, the occasion of load is not big. 6. Binding ability. mould using performance, mainly is the above several, hope everybody can understand the sole mould.

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