The use of safety shoes labor insurance shoes need to be aware of five points

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Safety shoes belongs to a kind of labor insurance shoes, safety shoes are shoes, generally steel head shoes, according to the classification can be divided into protection of digit safety shoes, anti-static shoes, electric insulation safety shoes, high temperature resistant safety shoes, etc. Only the correct use and maintenance of safety shoes, to ensure its play their effectiveness, and then we can know about the use of safety shoes need to be aware of with five points: 1, can't modify the structure of the safety shoes; 2, wearing appropriate safety shoes size, man's foot health and helps maintain shoes durable period; 3, pay attention to personal hygiene, the user should keep the feet and shoes clean and dry; 4, regular cleaning, safety shoes, avoid accumulation of dirt, as soles conductive or anti-static function, easily influenced by how much adhesive contaminants and flex influence; 5, storage safety shoes in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Finally want to remind everybody is, the selection of protective footwear and maintenance must be according to the nature and degree of the dangers of working environment. And protective shoes should have product certificate and product manual, read the instructions before use should be controlled using condition, using the method to correct.
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