The use of labor insurance shoes insulation matters needing attention

by:BEF     2020-11-28
As the insulation of the labor insurance shoes, can prevent to get an electric shock accident is electricians must be worn when working staff in the work of one of the appliances for labor protection, to reduce the risk of being shocked at work. However, if the labor insurance shoes use is not correct can reduce insulation protection effect, the following is to know about the insulation labor insurance shoes, please use the matters needing attention. 1, insulation labor insurance shoes have different types, and the voltage levels should be based on work sites and the correct selection of insulation labor insurance shoes, low voltage insulation shoes ban on high voltage electric equipment used as auxiliary appliance safety, high voltage insulation shoes can be as high voltage and low voltage electrical equipment in auxiliary and safe appliance is used. But whether wear shoes with low voltage or high voltage insulation shall be directly with the hand to contact electrical equipment. 2, if the insulation of the wear labor insurance shoes is cloth, so the staff should pay attention to can only be used in dry environment, but also to avoid insulation labor insurance shoes wet cloth. In addition, if the soles is rubber soles, acid and alkali resistant oil is not in contact with the acid base oil content material, should prevent sharp sting. If the pattern of soles buffing and reveal internal color is not used as insulating shoes again. 3, wear with insulation safety shoes, trousers should be set into the boots, Jane. Wear insulating labor insurance shoes, trousers shoulds not be long and soles welt height, more can't long and ground, to keep the cloth to dry. Inspection should be paid attention to when using insulation labor insurance shoes whether have insulation permanent mark on shoes, such as red lightning symbol, bottom is how much resistance to voltage, etc. , to ensure that going to wear with the insulation shoes conform to the requirements of the homework is to come. Above is what you need to pay attention to when using insulation labor insurance shoes in some places, the staff wear labor insurance shoes insulation purpose is in order to be able to effectively protect themselves when in contact with electrical equipment is not dangerous, so be sure to wear the appropriate type, and in accordance with the corresponding rules to ensure that after wearing to insulated shoes play a good protective effect.
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