The use of electrical insulation shoe standard

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Worker it correctly in the process of operation using foot protective equipment, to ensure the safety in the process of its operation. So, the use of electrical insulation shoes standards what is it? Here are together to learn about the small labor protection safety knowledge. Electrical insulating shoes using standard: the new standard requirement, the thickness of the electrical insulation shoe outsole excluding pattern shall not be less than 4 mm, decorative pattern, can't be measured thickness should be not less than 6 mm. The soles in the market at present, in order to life instead of labor insulated shoes often happen. Even the thinnest part of the sole, amounted to less than 6 mm. The insulation of the enterprises purchase shoes vamp or sole should have standard number, wording, insulation and voltage value. Electrical insulating shoes outsole grinding crack length should be not more than 10 mm; The electrical insulation BuMianXie abrasion loss is not more than 35 px3; The 15 kv electrical insulating rubber abrasion loss is not greater than 25 px3; More than 20 kv electrical insulating rubber abrasion loss is not greater than 47. 5px3。 Insulated shoes note: 1, insulated shoes factory qualified electric insulation performance. User purchases insulated shoes, such as found in the transport, storage process from the rain, wet mildew, or have other changes, should be to the statutory inspection for performance review test. 2, in insulated shoes, must be carefully checked before use if found any damage should not be used. 3, homework should be openning sets into the boots tube, insulating boots not with various oil, acid, alkali corrosive material contact and prevent front sharp metal mechanical damage. 4, insulated shoes available shall, from time to time, pay attention to the abrasion of bottoms, if the outsole pattern after wear off, it should not be used. 5, according to the national standard, insulated shoes within the original packaging of the five-star deposit according to the conditions stipulated in the standard, the 24 months from the date of production quality conform to the prescribed standards. 。
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