The use of antistatic of bottom how important?

by:BEF     2020-07-29
07, as Mr States barton solvents factory there was a big bang, and caused the fire, greatly destroy the fuel depot, more than 40 specifications from 3000 to 20000 in the fire and oil storage was lit, accident treatment caused near 11 residents and firefighters, 6000 residents were evacuated. The blast smoke floating in the air, more than 200 yellow size could be seen for miles away. Survey found that after the terrible accident is caused by static electricity spark, so, you said in the antistatic bottom how important is the use of? According to relevant data show that people's perception of the current, adult male average of 1. 1 ma, average adult female is 0. 7mA; Get rid of the current, the average adult male for 16 ma, an average of 10 mature woman. 5mA。 When the electric current is greater than to get rid of current electric shock can not take the initiative to get rid of the power supply, without outside help, will extend the time of electric shock, the risk of death occurred. So, what did you say in the antistatic bottom how important is the use of? Life, work, in the news are rooted in tell us, how important is it to the bottom in use of antistatic, life only have once, mo and other accident, only to regret it
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