The use of anti the loggers cut cloth industry

by:BEF     2020-07-25
Wood brother, although not often on the river's lake, river's lake is it in the legend, we used paper towels, paper, chair and stool can see trees, as well as through the processing of multiple came to our side. For these common material, the use of how big we can imagine, in the face width on a few times, than his own high on a few times the number of trees, its risk is self-evident. Although the current anti cut cloth variety, but the main processing technique consists of surface layer, prevent cutting layer, layer of the cutting service ontology, prevent cut between layer and layer has cut layer. In by the knife, the knife, the knife scratching with external forces and objects with sharp edges, can significantly reduce the body force point pressure intensity directly, and provide effective protection to avoid a certain degree of harm human body. But now because of the cutting layer fabrics using polyester adding polypropylene yarn, and USES the cross weave texture to weave. Such material in yarn winding on the chain saw the ability is limited, it is difficult to make high speed chain saw quickly to slow down or stop, on the other hand make the cut proof clothes is too big, the weight of the wear heavy, affect human body action of flexibility. To this, the better solution is to not only improve the staff in the comfort and convenience of operation, but also make the cut cloth for the chain saw in the high-speed operation can stop in time, including surface, cut layer and inner layer, and the cutting layer USES the ultra strong fiber woven through the loop positioning weaving method, cross weaving yarn winding compared with the traditional method of yarn winding more quickly, to speed the chain saw can be forced to stop in time, to staff the protection effect of the body, its structure is simple, easy to implement. Has good abrasion resistance and stretchability, light weight, wear comfortable, low constriction, facilitate workers freedom of action. When the cut cloth in the production of finished product after continuous improvement, not only let us see more safety protective, at the same time it also brings the convenience of the loggers people in action.
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