The use of anti-static shoes in the aseptic workshop

by:BEF     2020-12-03
Aseptic workshop which is the source of pollution control for manufacturing factory, it has the air filter, optimization, structure material and assembly conditions, working in the workshop, require the control air particulate matter concentrations, so workers in which has the function of anti-static safety shoes and anti-static clothing, to ensure normal production pollution sensitivity high parts. Aseptic workshop air density is needs to be monitored regularly to ensure that aseptic workshop environment purification and clean degree, if the staff not wearing anti-static safety shoes by the requirement, the consequences are serious, easy to cause the products to different degree of damage, serious still can cause an explosion. And anti-static safety shoes is to use anti-static and conductive soles, ask in inflammable and explosive work environment and clean dust-free sterile workshop in order to reduce and eliminate electrostatic hazard and wearing safety shoes. Antistatic safety shoes is the effective control of aseptic workshop dust particle pollution a particularly effective way of clean, due to the electrostatic adsorption, easy to cause the products to different degrees of damage. So at work indoor wear clean anti-static safety shoes to antistatic function to reduce dust adsorption at the same time, walking and can greatly reduce or reduce the human body itself to clean areas of pollution. In addition for generating manufacturing aseptic workshop, in addition to the workers in anti-static shoes, anti-static clothing these necessary labor insurance supplies, also should be replaced periodically workshop air filter, the lowest air velocity, reduce indoor pollution dust particles keep clean environment, only in this way can help you to reduce pollution, improve the efficiency of work.
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