The types of labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Labor insurance shoes different from ordinary civil, it can have one or more protective functions, such as: the smashing, puncture proof, antistatic, anti-skid, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, oil, cold resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproof, etc. So labor insurance shoes specific divided into which a few kinds? 1, safety shoes, safety shoes, also known as protective toe shoes, mainly in order to prevent the object above the feet and toes. Such as carrying heavy objects or loading and unloading material barrel, heavy pipe rolling when encounter feet or accidentally kicked on sharp metal plate, etc. Baotou before shoes with good impact resistance, high strength, light weight metal materials for lining, its strength, shock resistance, etc. Through experiment, reaches the standard before use. Be careful to choose according to operation or safety shoes with different strength. 2, insulated shoes insulation is the effect to minimize the risk of electric shock. Because of electric shock when the current is through the body defined by the contact surface, so the electric homework should not only wear insulating gloves, wear insulated shoes. According to pressure range 20 kv, 6 kv and 5 kv several dielectric shoes, when used must be selected according to the range of jobs. Insulated shoes should be regularly check and maintenance, such as be affected with damp be affected with damp or wear serious, can't protect. 3, steel shoes and shoes cover such also calls the caster, mainly to prevent foot hot stung. This kind of shoes to pressure resistance, not easy combustion, the instep with immersion action leather and canvas with leather, soles are a tyre backing cow leather. In order to prevent the molten metal splash liquid burns, high waist is easy to take off the style. Also can use shoes cover the mouth, the leg cover, multi-purpose canvas shoe cover, asbestos, aluminum membrane is made. 4 according to its use with acid and alkali proof boots, rubber boots, waterproof boots, waterproof shoes, etc. Acid and alkali proof boots for homework ground with acid and other corrosive liquid, with acid and alkali resistant rubber, also have pants boots together acid-base pants, boots, waterproof boots for the ground water or splashing water, basic material is rubber, waterproof boots with miners, aquatic special boots, planting, boots, etc. The waterproof shoes for oil operations, with polyethylene rubber or plastic, have boots, shoes, etc. 5, warm shoes is suitable for wear in cold and low temperature environment operations, such as cotton shoes, fur boots and felt, has good heat preservation performance. 6, antistatic and conductive shoes anti-static applies to prevent accidents caused by the human body with electrostatic, and avoid the 220 v power frequency capacitor equipment accident cause electric shock to human body. Conductive shoes for more sensitive to the human body static electricity may be the place of fire or explosion. This kind of shoes have a plenty of safety shoes and rubber shoes with antistatic or conductive soles, whole shoe without metal friction in order to reduce the possibility of a fire. Shoes from the beginning when using resistance test. Then also regularly test, to ensure that the shoe does not exceed the maximum resistance of housings. In addition to the above several kinds of labor insurance shoes, there are suitable for soles heat insulation of the railway laborers is suitable for the soles reinforcement of construction workers, suitable for food, liquor-making workers soles moisture-proof labor insurance shoes, and so on.
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