The three categories of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Safety shoes and protective shoes generally referred to as the safety shoes, also known as labor insurance shoes. Can be divided into three categories: 1, according to the market demand: PVC protective safety shoes, outdoor sports safety shoes, normal safety shoes, safety shoes, insulation miners safety shoes, chemical defense safety shoes, protective insulation safety shoes, shoe safety shoes, sports type safety shoes, oil resistant mining safety shoes, chemical defense security safety shoes, health and safety shoes, oil resistant safety shoes, miners safety shoes, safety shoes, insulation oil resistant rubber safety shoes, warm safety shoes, etc. 2, according to the soles classification: sole generally adopt a polyurethane injection molding molding, oil resistant safety shoes, wear safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, safety shoes, waterproof insulation safety shoes, casual shoes, etc. Safety shoes are more hardwearing than ordinary rubber soles - 2 Three times. Safety shoes, light weight, safety shoes, good flexibility, safety shoes, only 50% of the rubber soles - weight 60%. 3, according to the function of the safety shoes classification: to protect the toe shoes, shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive, insulation steel shoes, rubber boots, warm.
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