The temperature of the EVA shoe material and life

by:BEF     2020-06-29
Usually EVA soles for packaging production comes out, get EVA sole products, particularly in the use process, there will always be a pungent taste, hard to accept, here, to teach you a method: remove the EVA sole smells bring products back after the first, in the open air, let the natural quiet for a period of time, and then USES the special taste, by a specific chemical effect, can effectively remove EVA soles in processing and using all kinds of smell, and it can improve the level of EVA sole products of environmental protection.

EVA soles can research from the Angle of mechanics to study the different cross-linking degree of EVA, its mechanical performance and bond strength of the differences between glass/TPT. This experiment selected three kinds of different manufacturer production of EVA soles, using high temperature cloth/EVA/EVA/high temperature cloth and glass/EVA/EVA/laminated back two installation ways to test samples; According to the basic principle of crosslinking curing, by changing the parameters of laminated sample to laminated curing laminated good sample ( Due to the time of laminated with glass/TPT to EVA adhesive force has a certain influence, to avoid the factors causing interference to the test result, keep a laminated on laminated parameter setting time constant, only by adjusting the laminating temperature to change sample crosslinking degree) Preparation of different cross-linking degree, test samples; Xylene extraction method is used to determine the degree of crosslinking, specimen tensile test and the samples and then to peel strength test.

crosslinking degree is refers to the EVA small molecules generated by crosslinking reaction of 3 d mesh structure curing degree, generally by measuring the gel content to reflect the EVA EVA crosslinking curing condition.

solvent extraction method is used to determine the crosslinking degree of EVA MATS material, its testing principle is to put EVA samples in boiling xylene solution extraction, without cross-linking EVA to dissolve xylene solution, just macromolecular crosslinking of EVA MATS material cannot dissolve, determined by the residual ratio of the total sample quantity and sample crosslinking degree.

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