The summer wear labor insurance shoes, safety shoes smell what to do

by:BEF     2020-12-13
The weather gets hot, wear a day of labor insurance shoes or safety shoes and socks smell becomes more obvious. Also for shoes in the shoe ark, over time it also has a bad smell. Some tips can easily remove the smell & ndash; — Prepare material: camphor ball, white vinegar, soap method 1: using camphor ball except smelly shoes take a slightly hard paper, wrap the camphor ball, looking for a tool to crush it, sprinkle camphor ball powder evenly inside shoes, insoles is put on it, a pair of labor insurance shoes or safety shoes just about a camphor ball. Inside the shoes can keep dry, smelly shoes will disappear. Method 2: use white vinegar to sock socks is easy to have bad smell, in water to wash the socks into a little white vinegar, soak for a while, rinse off with clear water again, such not only can remove bad smell, also can have the effect of sterilization. Method 3: in addition to the cupboard with soap odor in the shoe ark of smell is also very good solve. As long as add a piece of soap in the shoe ark, can easily remove the odor in the shoe. Open a shoe and smell the fragrance of yo. Tips: camphor ball can not directly contact with feet. Powder containing camphor ball shoes do not need sun every day, the inside of the camphor ball just change once every two weeks. Camphor ball can have very good antibacterial effect, can kill for wet and breeding of bacteria, so there would be no bad smell.
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