The summer safety shoes to wear

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Long duration in time because of the summer labor insurance shoes, than the winter easy to sweat, often need to pay attention to strengthen the maintenance of labor insurance shoes, to improve the service life of the safety shoes. Shoes for you to summarize the following summer safety shoes to wear. Summer air temperature is very high, much rain, outdoor jobs have a high demand on the performance of the safety shoes. According to the working environment, enterprise will give factory equipped with safety shoes in summer, the summer safety shoes design and the four seasons general safety shoes, the vamp design will be opening or using mesh cloth similar materials, improve ventilation breathable performance. Safety shoes to wear in summer note: 1, summer can't continuous wear labor insurance shoes, easy to sweat a foot note, as far as possible, two pairs of the next rotation, only with a pair of, if the security department at holiday time, should be placed in dry ventilated breathe freely, the in the summer, as long as it doesn't rain, or easy to dry, but should pay attention to clean the dust in the labor insurance shoes in time, etc. 2, in the summer wear labor insurance shoes, for the sake of comfort, suggest wear absorbent cotton socks. 3, holiday time frequently change socks, as far as possible put labor insurance shoes scrub, prevent mildew. 4, about the summer labor insurance shoes, after the change garments according to the temporary, don't wear, be sure to scrub clean the surface of shoes, ventilated place dry for a few days. In a shoe box, if the condition allows put some desiccant moisture absorption, above all to avoid next summer arrival, be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy phenomenon, to avoid in the basement.
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