The stink of staff need to use the puncture in the bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
Job security has been a hot topic very much, can not pay attention to the operation of the production and operation of, will bring irreparable damage. To this, we must seriously itself up and proud of jian, a correct use foot and protective equipment. So what are in the middle of the protective equipment protective equipment? The puncture in the bottom first. First in the stink from the staff should be used against the targeted in the bottom, the reason is in the waste will certainly has some sharp metal scrap or glass, these items are easily penetrate the soles stabbing foot, except the feet hurt, among these waste products with a large number of bacteria, once he was stabbed in the foot, it is easy to cause tetanus, therefore, against the piercing in the bottom is plays a role at this time. There is the place that in the production of nails or sharp edge tool also need to use prevent puncture in the bottom, staff need to deal with these weapons, every day there is a hidden danger, because accidentally stepped on the probability of weapon is very big, therefore, during the work must be put on the belt puncture proof ability of labor insurance shoes, such ability can guarantee security. Perhaps in the life we don't often see him in the puncture proof, but its anti puncture force is indisputable.
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