The standard of our country's execution of different kinds of safety shoes as well as the matters needing attention

by:BEF     2020-11-24
The national standards of safety shoes from the 90 s, in 2007 changed the old production, testing standard, set the new standard, designed to protect workers' occupational health and safety. Safety shoes at present in China can be roughly divided into: protect the toes safety shoes ( Against labor insurance shoes, which hit a safety shoes) , puncture proof safety shoes ( You usually also called puncture prevention safety shoes) , electrical insulating shoes ( We say at ordinary times insulated shoes) , antistatic safety shoes, resistant to acid and alkali. Standard GB12011 - electrical insulating shoes 2009, is mainly used in electrical, electronic operators, cable installation work, substation installation, etc. This kind of shoes can only be under power frequency voltage of 1 kv in the working environment, and the shoe must be kept dry, can not contact any sharps, high temperature and corrosive substances, if help bottom corrosion or damage cannot be used, to immediately replace electrical insulating shoes. Protect the toes safety shoes standard: GB21148 - 2007 / GB21147 - 2007 / GB21146 - 2007. In baotou, safety performance is divided into safe, protective type, professional type three levels, the most commonly used is safe and protected, so often used in metallurgy, mining, forestry, port, loading and unloading, quarrying, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. Puncture proof standard safety shoes is GB21148 - 2007, the standard requires the puncture strength is greater than or equal to 1100 n to qualified products, suitable for mines, fire protection, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery industry, etc. Antistatic safety shoes standard: GB21148 - 2007, anti-static shoes in some industries such as chemical plants, gas, liquefied gas filled in more, because these industries belong to flammable places. Wear anti-static shoes can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation, insulation resistance in a Ω - 100 k 1000 m Ω between, but wear the shoes can't wear thick woolen socks or use of the insulation insulation insoles, and form a complete set of anti-static clothing; Also should be performed within 200 hours wearing shoes resistance test, the only resistance within the prescribed scope can be used as antistatic shoe, otherwise can't be insulated shoes wear. Acid and alkali resistant safety standards is GB12018 - shoes 1989, this shoe used in electroplating, electrolysis, pickling, mix liquid, chemical control and other fields, but not too high concentrations of these areas acid-base homework requirements; The shoes can not contact with high temperature, not by sharp instrument injury, the soles also cannot appear leakage, wear to immediately rinse after use to dry, can't direct illuminate or drying in the sun. Conductive shoes standards is GB21148 - 2007, this shoe has good electrical conductivity, and can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation in a short period of time, insulation resistance less than 100 K Ω, commonly used in high anti-static or inflammable and explosive places in particular, but these places require no shock hazard. Conductive shoes and antistatic safety shoes can't wear thick woolen socks or use of the insulation insulation insoles, want and conductive, also want to test the resistance value within 200 hours, and can only use test qualified.
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