The sole manufacturer to teach you how to identify genuine leather and leather

by:BEF     2020-11-23

1。 Teach you soles manufacturer leather recognition

by hand touch: touch the leather surface. If there is a smooth, soft, plump and elastic feeling, that is the leather. While artificial synthetic leather surface hair acerbity, stiffness, softness is bad.

leather hair and decorative pattern is clear, cattle skin pore is small, the cow skin pores, deficient mountain wool scales.

bouquet: all leather with the smell of leather. The leather has a pungent smell of plastic.

ignition: from the back of the leather and artificial leather tore off a little fiber. When lit, will send out a pungent odor, knot formation of artificial leather. It is real leather, send out the smell of her hair, and not become hard.

2。 manufacturers identify artificial leather and synthetic leather

through the above four basic recognition method, to compare and identify artificial leather and synthetic leather. In addition, the artificial leather and synthetic leather also has the following characteristics:

1) His fingers on the leather surface, won't appear obvious pores, wrinkles. If the press after the wrinkles, they won't disappear naturally.

2) Leather surface without air hole, this is one of the important characteristics to distinguish authenticity leather.

3) Cut off hot corner, there is taste, but not the smell of burning hair.

3, how to distinguish between cow leather, pig leather, leather and sheep leather ma

soles manufacturer leather type is different, its features and use is also different. Cow leather surface, for example, thin, high strength, the most suitable shoes; The sheep leather is light, thin and soft, is the ideal of leather clothing fabrics. Pig leather has good air permeability and moisture permeability, this is better than pig leather, leather on the surface of the hole is round and thick, sloping Kong Yanshen into the leather. Pore sorted triplet, there are many small leather surface triangular pattern.

the soles manufacturer of cattle leather, cow leather skins and buffalo are referred to as the cow leather, but there are some differences between them. Cattle leather surface porosity is round, a more direct access to leather, stomata close and even, irregular arrangement, like the stars in the sky. Buffalo leather on the surface of the hole hole big than cattle leather, the number of holes is less than the cattle leather, and the quality of the leather than including leather of osteoporosis.

horse leather: oval leather on the surface of the hair, slightly bigger than a cow leather pores, arrange more rules.

sheep leather, leather grain pores on the surface of the flat round, clear pores, some clouds, arranged in covered.

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