The significance of wearing safety shoes to laborer is there anything important

by:BEF     2020-11-26
We all know that in the laborers to work must wear labor insurance supplies, to a certain protection for their own safety, and thus to minimize damage in work for the body, labor insurance supplies, of course, there are a lot of kinds, including safety shoes is one of important Chinese shoes. In construction site is arguably one of the most should wear protective equipment place, under normal circumstances we understand construction workers must wear safety helmet when construction, so that you can avoid hard hit to the head or hurt to cause death, but we tend to ignore the protection of the safety shoes, in fact, if needed, the workers on the construction site must wear protection toes safety shoes, in order to avoid hard bruised, metal stamp foot injury, etc. For safety shoes can give full play to its protection function, must be in the selection, use and maintenance aspects to strengthen the attention to. In front of the choice, we must first understand cause employees to directly or indirectly foot injury major hazard: one, by hard, rolling or drop objects touch. Second, by the sharp objects pierced soles or shoes. Three, cuts from sharp objects, and even make the skin torn apart. Four, lubrication, fall. Five, exposure to chemicals, molten metal, the surface of the high and low temperatures. Six, working in the environment full of flammable gas, if the release of electrostatic treatment inappropriate, then become a fuel source, at any time to cause explosion. In addition, the electrical conductivity of the foot can also affect employee contact power device, an electric shock hazard. At present, the common against hit safety shoes, safety shoes, including targeted safety shoes, safety shoes, anti-static and conductive insulation safety shoes, high temperature resistant safety shoes, safety shoes, the cold gas protection safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, antiskid safety shoes, etc. , and is suitable for road construction workers of the soles insulation, soles reinforcement for construction workers, suitable for food and the soles of shoes of liquor-making workers moisture-proof protection safety shoes, etc. Protective function mainly aimed at the working environment and conditions of the safety shoes and set, generally have the function of the anti-skid, puncture proof, prevent extrusion, another is with a specific function, such as conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. In view of the above different harm to choose corresponding protective function of the safety shoes, work wear, it is very necessary.
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