The shoes bottom all know! ETPU advantage!

by:BEF     2020-07-07
Bottom is decided to a pair of sports shoes in the key to good or bad, but the bottom is a pair of shoes? Touches the ground of this layer is the outsole and the layer between the outer soles and shoe body sandwich is in the bottom, 1 - in thickness 2 cm, assuming the role of buffering the ground vibration. Because of heart bottom is running shoes, a pair of jogging shoes performance and how about the price, in the end decided to at least 60%. If do not have the bottom, the vibration of the running continuously work on your body, cause all kinds of sports injury. And how many legs to run by residual! Human various high-tech has been developed using on the bottom, what XX, XX, XX system design, only one purpose! Is the vibration reduction, transfer and make you comfortable running safely. Now, every brand has its own exclusive damping technology, and technology and the principle of each different. So, each big end of running shoes brand in the most popular science and technology on earth have what bad? A huge number of proud of the king of ASICS running shoes ASICS running technology patents, the first is rubber GEL, the GEL is between solid and liquid substances, when the eggs by the dozen m to 2 cm on the GEL glue not broken, the god of the experiment is also cool Fried day, in the bottom to join GEL rubber shock absorption material, can perfect to absorb the landing impact. GELSPEVA bottom material is used for most of the shoes, such as EVA or PU foam rubber, and SPEVA is bottom in a very light material, has good elasticity light weight, than regular EVA a 35% reduction in weight. It features a excellent buffering and elasticity, after a long running battle is not easy to collapse. SolyteSolyte than SPEVA! Want to! Light! Based on the traditional molecular structure of EVA restructuring and become, but the performance dumped EVA blocks. Good buffer, but weak rebound more SPEVA diu diu, this is why Solyte failed to SPEVA completely eliminated. FLUIDRIDEFLUIDRIDE is more used in top Asics top and bottom in series in the science and technology, is simply combine SPEVA and Solyte both. High rebound material + ultra-low weight combination is lightweight and guarantee the buffer. Using this kind of shoes bottom material basic are all reached the level of professional training, suitable for high strength of the runners. MIZUNOWAVE as GEL in Asics, then the WAVE damping technology is mizuno housekeeping skills. Launched in 1997, mizuno WAVE damping technology, exploded in popularity quickly, one foot into the elite of running shoes. WAVE refers to the Mizuno Mizuno outsole and the bottom in the middle of the WAVE shape inserted into the piece, using the WAVE shape will impact dispersion shock absorption, reduce the burden of pace up and down direction, and the lateral displacement of zigzag winding shape can prevent, more stability. From left to right, from top to bottom in turn is parallel to the Wave, Wave type, lightning Wave pills sector, double Wave, infinite waves pills sector, Compact Wave, and another Skeleton Wave, X Wave, etc. U4icMizuno formerly has been using its unique AP + material as base material, but also has been stagnant, until the birth of U4ic. It is a unique composite materials, performance and the effect is similar to the ap +, but lighter weight, 30% lighter than the ap + and have the same superior cushioning force. NIKELunarlonNike Lunarlon的“价格; Inspired by walking in the astronauts on the moon & throughout; By a similar material folding springback principle of design out of the end of the subversion of traditional technology. This is a kind of soft, lightweight and highly elastic foam, usually covered in Phylon foam as running shoes in the bottom. Is 30% lighter than the traditional Phylon foam, and more soft and elastic. Lunarlon can fold of different density in different regions of the world will be the impact of the external distribution more evenly throughout the foot, and reduce the local impact is likely to cause harm. AIR ZOOMZoom AIR from Nike1995 years development and launch of the new type AIR cushion. Is a cushion with flat fabric core body and appearance, the core body of 3 d fabric material generally is nylon. This fabric consists of two layers, with a dense longitudinal fiber connection, the fabric of the upper and lower two layers of all received air chamber of the upper and lower wall, through the extension of the characteristics of gas and fiber performance provides a more sensitive and rapid response. This is NIKE AIR MAX AIR upgrade version, was born in 1987. In high pressure way to NIKE AIR flows into a tough synthetic rubber layer. The strength of the synthetic rubber layer surrounded by Pebax shell and support, the gases in the air cushion will not loss because of the impact of the outside. Of AIR cushion suspension, and the effect of a structural damping, shock absorption ability, can provide more is mainly used for the bottom. ADIDASBoost the appearance like the foam soles, now account for half of adidas running shoes. Boost is a kind of material is different from the past to upgrade, can be said to be the materials and design of traditional sports shoes in the bottom of a radical change. What is the Boost? With a simple visual scene to explain the genesis of the Boost material: put the TPU materials of high hardness in the pressure cooker of the particles is the Boost like popcorn. Boost both absorbed TPU strong and joined the foaming material unique high resilience, so compared with traditional EVA bottom, Boost not only live longer and more curved. Boost = ETPU is by changing the TPU restructuring to get new TPU foaming material, high resilience foam particles called ETPU ( Expansion of thermoplastic polyurethane) ( English: Expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) Popcorn material. 。 Compared to other materials ETPU than win in physical property, with its recycled on environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless and win! !
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