The selection standards of labor protection articles

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Labor protection articles are used to prevent unsafe factors in the workplace or occupational harmful factors, avoid inductrial injury accident and occupational disease of appliances. Enterprise how to select the labor protection articles and to protect staff's life safety and health is very important. The use of labor protection articles of law requires 'safety production law' regulation: & other; Production and business operation entities must provide employees in line with national standards or industry standards of labor protection articles. ” 'Occupational disease prevention law' regulation: & other; Unit of choose and employ persons must adopt effective occupational disease prevention measures, and provide the laborers with the individual-used occupational-disease-prevention articles & throughout; And & other; Provide the occupational-disease-prevention articles must conform to the requirements for prevention and control of occupational diseases, and is not in conformity with the requirements shall not be used. ” Use in the reduced & other; Must & throughout; Words, the first layer of meaning is to emphasize the importance of labor protection articles, not optional material benefits, but to ensure safety in production, the necessities of inductrial injury accident and occupational disease prevention; The second implication is to emphasize the quality of the labor protection articles, does not conform to the national standards or industry standards of labor protection articles cannot be used. ( A) General labor protection articles such labor protection articles are not currently included in the scope of the industrial production license and is not a safety sign the floorboard of the management of labor protection articles. Special labor protection articles such as labor protection articles must pass a quality certification, the implementation of industrial production license and the management of the safety sign. Included in the industrial production permits or safety sign management of catalog, referred to as the special labor protection articles. Such products include: safety helmet, protect toes safety shoes, plastic surface breaking safety boots, puncture proof safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant shoes, acid and alkali resistant rubber, electric insulation, conductive shoes shoes, anti-static shoes, acid overalls, anti-static overalls. The above special labor protection articles, the enterprise must check whether there is a industrial production license when choose or safety sign. Safety shoes ( 2) Selected according to the workplace harmful factors in electrostatic and electricity hazards in the workplaces where should choose anti-static overalls and anti-static shoes, there are machines, blow, cutting damage workplaces, should choose a safety helmet, safety shoes and protective gloves, goggles and other protective equipment, and in line with national standards. According to job category assignments (such as high Such as building installation wiring, high cliff homework by suspension and painting heaps of goods) Should choose helmets, seat belts and antiskid work shoes, falling objects, the impact of homework ( Such as construction and installation, drilling, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, lifting, deforestation) Should choose a safety helmet and safety shoes. According to the measured values of the workplace harmful factors to choose if workplace dust concentration is low, particle respirator selection with abandon type level KN95 can; Asbestos fibers, such as dust, should choose KN100 respirator. According to harmful effect to human body parts for use if pests will damage the head, ears, eyes, breath, arms, body, skin, feet and other parts, shall be carried out according to the different parts of the selection of the corresponding protective equipment. According to body dimension for personal use only match the size of personal protective equipment to play the best protection function, therefore, when choosing personal protective equipment should have different models for users to choose. Labor protection articles is not optional item, it is the guarantee the employees safety and health of the last line of defense, unit of choose and employ persons should follow the national laws and regulations, for the employees with labor protection articles, choose with industrial production license and safety sign products, choose products that meet the national standards or industry standards.
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