The safety shoes technical requirements and quality detection principle

by:BEF     2020-11-26
The toes up safety shoes is to protect the safety of labor insurance shoes, main performance is the hit strike, according to the difference between using the environment, also may have a puncture proof, anti-skid, insulation, and other functions; Prevent hit safety shoes have complete technical performance requirements and quality detection principle. A hit, prevent safety shoes performance technical requirements: ( 1) Resistance to pressure: from the top of the shoe in baotou after 25 mm, even to help cut down. At 1% of error of pressure testing machine platform. In the top of the shoe in the high 35 mm and 22 mm diameter plasticine cylinder. And then work at a speed of 5 mm/min to the required force, last 1 min, to restore power to zero again. Squeezed out of silly putty, height is measured with a caliper, the value of the measured values of measured at its lowest level. Its value should comply with the rules. ( 2) Impact resistance: put in baotou shoes head and cylindrical plasticine under impact machine, fixed well checked the top of the shoe, improve impact hammer 23 kg & plusmn; 0. The height of the 2 kg to request then free fall impact the top of the shoe. Remove the plasticine measured with a caliper, its value should conform to the rules. ( 3) In baotou, compression resistance and shock resistance requirement: experiment method and the top of the shoe in the same way, but after test deformation of baotou in spacing should be no less than 22 mm. ( 4) Puff corrosion requirements: such as foot sweat and moisture may be corrosion in baotou and affects the quality of the shoes, so in baotou should have corrosion resistance. Requirement is two white filter ( 100 m wide, 150 mm) long Immersed in 1% NaCl solution, its end at the other end are on puff above and below. Remove the filter paper after 48 h, check for signs of corrosion NaCl solution in baotou, measuring the area of each spot. Corrosion spots shall not exceed 5 points, and each spot shall not be greater than 2. 5 mm square. Second, prevent hit safety shoes quality inspection principle: the hit safety shoes is the national implementation of the production license of the product. 1, the comprehensive judgement principle: outsole folding resistance, abrasion resistance, shoes peel strength, compressibility and resistance to impact must be qualified and other items to allow unqualified item number must not exceed 2, otherwise judged not qualified. 2, sample inspection: puff test samples of 5 vice inspection appearance quality, corrosion resistance, Only the metal in baotou) , compression resistance and impact resistance, etc. The compression resistance and impact resistance must conform to the requirements, other items allow unqualified item no more than 1 item, or for nonconforming product.
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