The safe usage of electric insulation shoes early know

by:BEF     2020-12-13
The use of electrical insulating shoes should be based on the use of high and low voltage and to choose different protection conditions. A: the voltage requirements of the various electrical equipment has high and low pressure. Withstand voltage under 15 kv electrical insulating rubber and electrical insulating plastic boots is suitable for the power frequency voltage up to 1 kv working environment; Withstand voltage of 15 kv electrical insulating rubber boots and electric insulation plastic boots is suitable for the power frequency above 1 kv voltage operation environment. When use must strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the electrical safety procedures. 2: on the surrounding environment requires electricity insulation rubber shoes, leather shoes or electrical insulating cloth its working environment should guarantee the instep and dry, don't be in damp environment for a long time. ( The new electrical insulating 15 kv canvas shoes) Three: use the matters needing attention in using any electrical insulating shoes should avoid the following conditions: 1. Should avoid stepping on cutting metal chips and other sharp objects, or soles slashed piercing, insulation performance; 2. In high temperature work place or direct contact with high temperature working environment of the object, such as furnace, casting, heat treatment before work, should pay attention to bottom is in high temperature melting may; 3. In the use of acid-base diluent such as solvent or water use more working environment, easy to produce degumming peeling, damage, corrosion, decomposition, etc. , can make the shoes to speed up the degradation; 4. In order to ensure that the use of safe, should tie shoelaces is firm, do not make hole on the surface of the upper.
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