The role of antistatic safety shoes and scope of application

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Anti-static shoes have the function of the dust-free anti-static, in a clean room environment, staff when moving the body and clothing will produce static electricity, static gathered will produce the phenomenon of electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharge phenomenon is very dangerous, so in a clean room environment, the use of anti-static shoes is very necessary. Anti-static shoes to produce the human body static electricity through the anti-static shoes imported into the earth, anti-static shoes used in anti-static floor. Anti-static shoes, anti-static principle: by wearing anti-static safety shoes make human body with the earth & other; Connection & throughout; Namely, & other Grounding & throughout; , in order to achieve the purpose of the electrostatic discharge, and successful control of the human body electrostatic charge effects on production lines and the human body, improve the qualified products. In the process of using anti-static shoes, attention should be paid to the following: 1, anti-static shoes is to eliminate the human body static electricity, and can prevent below 250 v electric shock protective shoes. 2, anti-static shoes while wearing it should not be wearing thick woolen socks of the insulation and insulation insoles, anti-static shoes when insulation shall be forbidden to use. 3, use anti-static shoes sites should be anti-static floor, can use conductive shoes sites should be conductive ground. 4, anti-static shoes should pay attention to the product with anti-static clothing, waterproof, moistureproof. Effort to wear anti-static shoes is discharge of effective and reliable method, electrostatic charge is also effectively suppress the body in the dust, clean room is electronics, semiconductor maker and clean room a good choice.
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