The role of anti puncture labor insurance shoes at work

by:BEF     2020-12-02
There are many kinds of labor insurance shoes, have hit the prevention, insulation, also has a puncture proof, the development of The Times given labor insurance shoes more features, it is not only safe protection workers, more conducive to improve the work efficiency to reduce damage. To prevent puncture labor insurance shoes as a category of labor protection articles, it USES in its working play a big role in the scene. General labor insurance shoes have the function of anti puncture, but against the piercing the function of the labor insurance shoes more powerful, because in the testing of the product, you need to use the hardness greater than 60 HRC nails to pass through the experiment, every shoe soles need to select four penetration point, only the results qualified can be put into market sale, so the puncture resistant and puncture-proof labor insurance shoes is very strong. And puncture-proof labor insurance shoes could play a role in what place, should be the operator of the first work in the stink to use this, because in the waste will certainly has some sharp metal scrap or glass, these items are easy to penetrate the soles stabbing the feet, and with a large number of these waste products of bacteria, once he was stabbed in the foot, it is easy to cause tetanus, so extra labor insurance shoes can play its role in these places. In addition, in the production of nails, creating sharp weapon in the place of production also need to use to prevent puncture labor insurance shoes, staff need to contact with sharp every day, the chance of accidentally stepped on the sharp instrument is very big, so in work time must need to put on a protective shoes foot function, so as to ensure the safety of the work. Puncture proof of Chinese shoes is very strong, although do not often see in our daily life, but it is indispensable in some workplaces.
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