The right way to deal with the old and new safety shoes, labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Safety shoes, labor insurance shoes due to its hulking, bold style, so the staff started wearing always feeling very uncomfortable, but if we are able to master certain tips, labor insurance for new buy shoes, or through a period of labor insurance shoes for simple processing, uncomfortable feeling will significantly weakened: 1, safety shoes, labor insurance shoes wear uncomfortable dealing with labor insurance shoes when the choose and buy, sometimes feel mild discomfort flowing condition of the labor insurance shoes heel, but wear it only to find, and easy to put the foot blisters. Encounter this kind of situation, can use a wet sponge, cover the leg blister, after 1 hour to remove wet sponge, tide a rub with the hand followed by flowing make its become soft, dry in a cool ventilated place; Then a little chicken oil ( Animal fats) Or wipe with walnut kernel, make the shoe polish again after wear on the steps to make its natural shape. 2, new safety shoes, labor insurance shoes processing new purchase of labor insurance shoes oil first, through the labor insurance shoes will always clean shoe polish. New labor insurance shoes leather face full of stoma, rub on a layer of shoe polish before wearing to fill it, you can make it a long stay bright and clean, and after the shoe Yi Liang. Labor insurance shoes of durability or not a lot to do with the number of clean oil, old shoes vamp is corrugate roak, need to clean oil, more general oil brush on four or five times a month to keep the surface bright and clean and protect the instep leather shoes clean oil, use a soft brush and cloth, add one to the shoe polish vinegar, can make the safety shoes luster is bright, durable good is coated with shoe polish in the evening, the second day early in the morning with a soft cloth will graze shoes several times, this can make the shoe polish the turpentine oil and paraffin wax components are fully leather absorb, have very good protection effect, also makes the shoe light flexible. 3, after years of labor insurance shoes white spot on the surface of the handle. Labor insurance shoes vamp leather has strong sweat absorption ability. Therefore, wear long after there will be some white sweat stain appeared on the leather. This will be the salt and leather leather absorb sweat internal content of seepage, called salting-out phenomenon. Especially in this rainy weather, labor insurance shoes be affected with damp be affected with damp air, often have this kind of white spot exhalation. Method of treatment of vitiligo: first wash white spot with alcohol or leather dirty agent; And then brush on a layer of shoe polish, on drop a few drops of vinegar, brush with shoes and cloth to wipe brush back and forth, can remove the white spot the whole old like new. 4, labor insurance shoes mould processing. Be affected with damp be affected with damp labor insurance shoes vamp, because rainy weather often appears the mould. Processing mould method: first use alcohol to clean mould processing, later with dry soft cloth to wipe, can be in addition to remove the mould.
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