The recognition and characteristics of the material's shoe

by:BEF     2020-06-27

PU is the most light wear. Of course the price also is the most expensive. Sole is very good PU material to recognize, take in your hand is very light, the hole on the reverse of the soles are round. Soles of PVC material in his hand is heavy than TPR. TPR sole elasticity is better than that of the PVC material, the sole holding firm, natural drops down, if can play up PVC material is TPR soles the TPR cheaper, but quality is bad, especially in the winter, it is easy to broken. The sole has a characteristic of PVC material is no injection hole, and use the nose to smell, tasty. TR sole surface is very light. Is harder than general TPR sole. TR injection hole is larger than that of TPR. Injection hole is special.

weight: RUBBER ( Rubber) The most heaviest, PU, EVA sole is light, material: PU, EVA soles, TPR is moderate, PVC is cheapest.

craft: TPR is made to a molding, and PVC processing, ABS general materials for high heels, expensive and hard.

applications: PVC multi-purpose in material or not to bear the weight of parts, or manufacturing children's shoes; You can apply to the PU leather footwear fabrics or bear the weight of parts. In terms of bags, apply more is PVC leather. This is because the bag bag of items is different from the wear in the feet in the shoes, don't send out the heat; Need not bear weight. PU, PVC is easy to the difference between the way from the edges of PU is much thicker than the PVC backing, aspect also has the difference, feel the soft PU. PVC handle hard; Can also use fire to burn, the smell of PU is light than the flavor of the PVC.

tag: EVA sole
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