The puncture in the European standard bottom what is the standard?

by:BEF     2020-07-20
Read thousands of books, view, from the outside world so big, I want to see! Wait, ask your feet done not allowed! Across the every step of the way, all is the first step out of our feet, you're gonna walk miles, first have to protect your feet? So how can we protect the feet? That is, of course, a pair of good shoes! A pair of good shoes it want to better, first of all, it will have to pass quality! That we how to decide? Especially now hot in the summer, feet but no relaxation, it would be easy to be stuffy sweating, produce fine seedlings and bad smell, this is a how embarrassing event! In our production and puncture-proof oubiao bottom can not only help you to solve the embarrassment, and we produced and puncture-proof bottom only 3 in the cloth. 8 mm can reach European standard, and can pass the European standard number: 1, five kinds of bad, Lead oil, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to low temperature) Resistance to puncture the zero through experiment. 2, 53 kinds of material environmental protection test. 3, Europe abrasion test. 4, water absorption test in Europe. 5, Europe antistatic test ( Do not antistatic, this sample can be provided according to customer requirements) 。 6, Europe 1 million times bending fatigue layer test. Our anti puncture in the European standard bottom can also according to customer requirements to provide national standard, Korean, Japanese, American, Canada and so on a variety of different standard products, do 2 thickness also can according to customer's different requirement. 5毫米4。 5 mm.
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