The puncture in the bottom of the whole structure of what kind of?

by:BEF     2020-07-11
To currency, because he has a value, trees and flowers to thrive, because he has water and photosynthesis, the anti puncture in the bottom can be done to protect your feet, because he had the role and function. Anti puncture in the bottom of a resistance to puncture the insoles structure, its characteristic is that he includes a insoles, a surface layer, and an extra layer of ontology, insoles on the ontology, the bonding surface layer, respectively, and the extra layer, surface layer and the extra layer of peripheral and surrounding the insole is sealant, puncture-proof layer USES is a puncture proof of high-strength polyester, nylon canvas fabric. Overall structure are respectively insoles, surface layer and the extra layer of ontology, the insole body on, paste respectively under the surface layer and puncture-proof CengGou resistance insole. With extra layer of surface layer surrounding the edge and the insole ontology glue sealing side, the purpose is to increase its integrity, make its not easy to deformation, simple structure. The puncture in the bottom is made of high-strength polyester or nylon canvas, which and the monofilament strength not less than 7. 5 cn/dtex, therefore, the effective guarantee the stab resistance.
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