The puncture in the bottom in the test should pay attention to what?

by:BEF     2020-07-14
In order to test the effect of anti puncture in the bottom, in the finished products after processing, will be carried out in the operation of the machine test, make sure there are no bad product outflow, but in the process of test, in the adverse effect on the test for the first time, when retested this adverse effect will disappear again, why will appear this kind of situation? This is actually in the process of operation, some details not be precise. In order to improve the performance of impact resistance and compression resistance test, the puncture in the bottom must be fixed on the soles, makes it completely crushed under shoes baotou ruffles. In this way, at the time of test, it will become base of shoes in baotou, and prevent shoes baotou in the soles when compressed. In addition, shoes baotou ruffles to completely placed at the top of the anti puncture in the bottom to prevent it at the time of testing mobile and lift into shoes baotou ruffles. Finally, it's important, in the process of production will shoes baotou correctly installed on the shoe tree. Install it could lead to if shoes baotou displacement, so that the performance of the serious instability. Now, the production technology of puncture in the bottom is much mature than before, but in the process of testing these small details still need to notice, sometimes little detail is the effect of the special influence to the test
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